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[This build is nearly identical to the demo shown at MAGFest 2020. It is VERY early in development and everything is subject to change!!]

Super Passion Heaven is a sci-fi Visual Novel/Rhythm Game hybrid where you must fight to have control of your thoughts.

  • Arriving to the Mars Union as the first person to immigrate from Earth since its founding, PLAYER CHARACTER unexpectedly finds that they're.... in Cyber Hell??
  • Play an osu!-like minigame to push away Unwanted Thoughts and prevent them from overtaking healthy ones.

Content Warnings:

  • Some internalized transphobia.
  • Mildly lewd dialog.
  • Weird belly button stuff.


  • Use mouse or spacebar+number keys to progress dialog and select options.
  • Use mouse and (left click or Z/X keys) to hit circles in Thought Loop.
  • ESC to bring up options/return to menu.


  • A PC with a reasonably modern GPU.
  • Some shaders are currently dependent on the render resolution (something I'll fix), but right now the game looks best from 1080p to 1440p--imo it looks best at 1440p so if you can play it at that res I'd recommend it!

Known Issues:

This build was made specifically for the MIVS showcase at MAGFest 2020 and is SUPER EARLY and the game lacks a lot of features!!

  • The game will break if you try to quit to main menu while a Thought Loop is active and then start again. If this happens just hard restart the game.
  • The game very very rarely breaks for unknown reasons when the thought loop starts. If this happens just restart.
  • The thought loop timing doesn't appear to be synched to the music sometimes (lol good rhythm game huh!). It's a known issue with the track I'm currently using.
  • The text is sorta blurry.
  • The pause menu does not pause the game.
  • Adjusting the music volume slider does not change the volume of the menu music, only the in-game music.
  • General lack of options for changing text size, mouse sensitivity, etc.
  • SFX missing for most of the UI.
StatusIn development
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorAsh Dague
GenreVisual Novel, Rhythm
Tagsartificial-intelligence, LGBT, LGBTQIA, Sci-fi


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