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The Place We Fell In Love

UPDATE: Non-VR port now available (for free) (keep in mind this was designed for VR)!

This is a small space for you to relax, or escape, or drift off in thought... So take a seat, lie down and look at the stars, and explore this peak on the manifold.

The first in a series of 3.


  • A beautiful space to relax in.
  • A slice of a larger world with narrative elements to discover.
  • Poly agender space guardians.
  • Unprofessional voice acting.
  • Advanced Leaf Technology.


  • Oculus Rift or HTC Vive for standing/room scale VR. (For now) (Sitting on the floor is relaxing I swear) Also works with sitting VR but not designed for it.
  • VR Version: VR capable PC with GTX 1060 or equivalent recommended.
  • Non-VR Version: A reasonably modern GPU.

VR Controls: Uses standard Vive/Oculus teleportation controls. Trigger to grabby grabby.

Non-VR Controls: WASD movement, C to chill, E to pickup/drop, ESC to go back to menu.


Peaks on the Manifold is a series of high quality VR scenes to sit and relax in. Each is a slice of a larger fictional universe and contains a narrative to discover. The scenes together have a larger meaning behind them... which you'll have to determine for yourself~  ;)

WARNING: If you wish to lie down make absolutely sure you have the space and do so slowly and carefully!

If you like this game and want the series to continue, in addition to your purchase or donation you can support me on Patreon!


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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VR Version 316 MB

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Non-VR Version 321 MB

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The demo is the full game but non-vr?

(1 edit)

Can i just check as it says VR, do you need VR googles as looking at the trailer I don't think so but it looks fkn beautiful.

Either way a £1, ill still donate



Thank you so much! Yes a Vive headset is required. The scene is crafted for VR, but I'm definitely considering making a non-VR version since there seems to be demand!

Please do, if i had the money fora  vive head set then i would defo buy one. Just on a side note, i had an idea of projecting this onto a large canvass to see what it would look like becuase it does look so good.



Hey, just responding to let you know I've added a non-VR version!

Thanks Ash,

I'll have a look bud