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The Place We Fell In Love

UPDATE: Non-VR port now available (for free) (keep in mind this was designed for VR)!

This is a small space for you to relax, or escape, or drift off in thought... So take a seat, lie down and look at the stars, and explore this peak on the manifold.

The first in a series of 3.


  • A beautiful space to relax in.
  • A slice of a larger world with narrative elements to discover.
  • Poly agender space guardians.
  • Unprofessional voice acting.
  • Advanced Leaf Technology.


  • Tested with HTC Vive for standing/room scale VR. (For now) (Sitting on the floor is relaxing I swear) Also works with sitting VR but not designed for it.
  • VR Version: VR capable PC with GTX 1070 or equivalent recommended.
  • Non-VR Version: A reasonably modern GPU.

VR Controls: Uses standard Vive teleportation controls. Trigger to grabby grabby.

Non-VR Controls: WASD movement, C to chill, E to pickup/drop, ESC to go back to menu.


Peaks on the Manifold is a series of high quality VR scenes to sit and relax in. Each is a slice of a larger fictional universe and contains a narrative to discover. The scenes together have a larger meaning behind them... which you'll have to determine for yourself~  ;)

WARNING: If you wish to lie down make absolutely sure you have the space and do so slowly and carefully!

I absolutely plan to add support for more devices in the future when I am able!

If you like this game and want the series to continue, in addition to your purchase or donation you can support me on Patreon!


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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Can i just check as it says VR, do you need VR googles as looking at the trailer I don't think so but it looks fkn beautiful.

Either way a £1, ill still donate



Thank you so much! Yes a Vive headset is required. The scene is crafted for VR, but I'm definitely considering making a non-VR version since there seems to be demand!

Please do, if i had the money fora  vive head set then i would defo buy one. Just on a side note, i had an idea of projecting this onto a large canvass to see what it would look like becuase it does look so good.



Hey, just responding to let you know I've added a non-VR version!

Thanks Ash,

I'll have a look bud